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Texas Senate To Stop Sales Of Unauthorized Farmland

You are currently viewing Texas Senate To Stop Sales Of Unauthorized Farmland
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When individuals arrive from hostile-like countries, they aren’t quite allowed the same freedoms that ordinary citizens of these United States of America may easily have. And probably for good reason. Because for the most part, who knows who can be trusted if they immediately flee for our Red, White and Blue shores so quickly? It could be a cover-up. Or maybe not and that in of itself is antiquated thinking. But regardless, no one would just outright buy farmland so quickly, without any deliberate thought or concentration… Right? Well, the facts show that there’s been just way too odd a pattern of buying up farmland from relative fugitives for the similarities not to be there. As a result, the Texas Senate has made a move to ban said citizens from owning specific land in Texas as a measure of protection for the general population of Texas.

In particular, this bill that just passed state Senate this past Wednesday has prohibited folks from nations of danger to be able to own such properties. This falls under the Director of National Intelligence’s National Threat Assessment rule of how it would be unallowed that individuals from Iran, Russia, China and North Korea to sell or purchase specific land in the Lone Star State. If any of these countries are to be removed, it is possible for a renewed allowance to occur when the regime changes, among other reasons. Dual citizens are the exception to the rule for the final version of the bill.

Senate Bill 147 Could Very Well Make A Difference In The Matter Of National Security

The bill in particular makes an exact reference to land whereabouts having foreign affairs could jeopardize the general safety of others. This could mean a variety of factors make a difference. Factors like Oil, Fossils and Governments. After constituents and legislators offered their own opinions, it became increasingly clear that it’s a concern that is necessary to maintain.

But Texas isn’t the only one.

More states hold other legislative ideas to a standard when it comes to freezing hostile foreign governments from the aftermath of wielding a plot of land in the USA. Others, like North Carolina and Florida are already cracking down. The truth is, however, this is all led by a likely xenophobic set of beliefs with no roots in logic. Therefore, only feeding in deeper to paranoia and stress. What a conundrum.

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