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Thanksgiving Dinners Have Reduced Prices Due to the Pandemic

You are currently viewing Thanksgiving Dinners Have Reduced Prices Due to the Pandemic
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Thanksgiving dinners that are traditional and have a Texas-style flair for 10 now cost $44.21, down $3.80, according to the special Texas Farm Bureau Thanksgiving Meal Report.

Thanksgiving Dinners have all the Fixings

Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pecan pie, according to survey records the cost of 10-holiday staples.

“There is some good news for shoppers this Thanksgiving, said TFB President Russell Boening. “The prices have dropped this year for many of the items Texans can enjoy during their Thanksgiving meal.” This is a relief for many Texas families who continue to struggle with the economic impacts of the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic.

Turkey is Available at a Reduced Price

Turkey costs an average of $16.48 compared to $19.36 from last year. Moreover, this is a decrease of about close to 15 percent. It is the featured most on most Thanksgiving tables.

Discounted Whole Turkeys are the Incentive to Buy a Whole Holiday Meal

Therefore, retailers typically offer discount whole turkeys to entice shoppers to buy the entire traditional meal from the store. Turkey supplies are tighter this year due to COVID-19.

Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, jellied cranberry sauce, rolls, frozen green beans, shelled and halved pecans, whipped cream and whole milk are on the shopping list for TFB’s informal survey.

Other Food and Condiments Also Show Increased Purchases

Fresh sweet potatoes, $2.88; rolls, $1.99 per package; and whipping cream, $1.42 were other items showing the largest decreases this year beside Turkey.

Jellied cranberry sauce, $1.40; frozen pie shells, $2.43; frozen green beans, $1.39; and cubed stuffing, $2.61 were the other notable decreases.

Decreased Purchases in the Restaurant Industry

The ongoing pandemic restrictions and shelter-in-place orders have seen as a result a drop in prices. Food production is recovering. Yet there is still a bottleneck to sell products due to restaurant dining capacity limits.

The TFB Thanksgiving Meal Report Data Based on Volunteer Shoppers

TFB’s Thanksgiving Meal Report prices were given 39 volunteer shoppers statewide from November 5-11. Shoppers did not take advantage of special promotional coupons or purchase deals.

TFB has released its informal Thanksgiving Meal Report survey since 2019.

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