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The Man, Who Killed a Woman in a Car Crash, Has Been Identified

You are currently viewing The Man, Who Killed a Woman in a Car Crash, Has Been Identified
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AUSTIN, Texas — The suspect in killing a woman in a car crash has been identified and arrested by police. He ran a red light while driving intoxicated and killed a woman passenger as a result.

A disturbance call was reported to Austin police which involved a vehicle and a crash Wednesday night at the area of N IH 35 service road southbound and E290 service road eastbound.

The victim was identified as a 24-year-old woman. Police have not released any other details about her.

Austin Car Crash Led to Violence

When officers reached the scene, a witness told he/she saw a car with two occupants, a male driver, and a female passenger, according to the report. After, he/she described a verbal disagreement and observed the male driver strike the female passenger in the face.

According to the affidavit, he continued and pushed the woman out of the car. The woman was trying to hold on to the door, but the man was driving and dragging her with the vehicle. After he ran a red light and it was the moment when they were impacted by another vehicle.

The suspect, after the crash, told the witness that he couldn’t stay and that he has a long criminal record. He fled the scene on foot at that moment.

Eventually, police caught and identified the suspect as Justin Ayers. He told he had run the scene “to get away from her.”

What next revealed was that Ayers was intoxicated and possibly had drugs in his system, documents say.

After investigating the scene and talking with the witnesses, police had a cause to believe that Ayers ran a red light and resulted in having his car struck by another vehicle and killing the woman.

Ayers faces multiple charges for intoxication manslaughter, intoxication assault and failure to stop.

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