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TURF Organization States Their Thoughts On Legislature

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The TURF organization otherwise known as Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom has themselves made a legislative report card for the 88th Legislative Session, where lawmakers stated how the issues could be pertinent to transportation and toll roads.

The problem with the bills, is how there were plenty of different areas of growth that could show better improvement.  About 27 bills that were determined to to show would provide many different bills and votes, whereas some were not quite a vote that came totally through by the House or the Senate.

It’s to be acknowledged that some haven’t quite made it to a floor vote within the opposing chamber. Because of the scorecard, around 70 percent of the legislature had seen a failure in grading, as 16% had been better off than a B.

TURF had actually graded Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Daniel Patrick, as it has received a B- rating.

Within the House of Representatives, various members received varied. There are about thirty-one additional Republican state representatives that had grades between C and B+ while the remaining 49 from the 85 Republican Texas House members had received an F.

On the side of the Senate, 100% of Texas Democrats received an F.

Lately, the way Texas legislators have been running the state of Texas has been truly maddening. Enough so to really upset the TURF organization. And not without good reason. The good people of Texas deserve to know how to handle the conditions of the place they live in. After all, if this land is our land, then why wouldn’t we be allowed to care and nuture and treat it with respect like it definitely needs? This is the type of problem TURF wants to bring to light. If you don’t with this sort of irresponsible leadership that Texas has been misled with, are you even operating properly as a member state of the United States?

Or is it all for not? Who can really say for sure? It’s all meant to be an evolution not a step backwards. Without a certainty going for the very real needs that come from promoting better economic growth and cultural development for the whole of the city, who knows how the actual tides can turn for Texas? It’s all very concerning and the real important thing about all this

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