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Van Lifers Told To “Go Home”

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Van lifers have been the target for many law enforcement across both Europe and America. For many, they have been stuck in areas that are greatly affected by COVID-19. Thus, maintaining life on the road has presented itself to be difficult. On top of that, many who have been confronted by law enforcement are told to “go home” not realizing that “home” is literally the van they are living in.

Van Lifers Do Their Part

For many, the thought of leaving over priced living situations is the dream. The amount of money saved versus living conditions has spawned a refurbished lifestyle. This works parallel to “stay in place” policies set up across the country. For many, they live similar lives to truck drivers. Traveling solo or with another person, they keep isolated until supplies are required. Thus, they face the same issues of closed truck stops, rest areas and low supplies.

The practice in itself is self-isolation. Far removed from the busy life of major cities, van lifers typically prefer the solitude of national parks and campgrounds over sleeping on the side of a busy road.

Self Sustainability

Living in a van promotes self-sustainability. Its a hardened practice that can take some adjusting to for first time travelers. Once the learning curve and lifestyle has been acquired, adaptability knows no bounds. This has helped many who are stuck in the middle of nowhere with limited supplies.

Electrical outlets powered by solar panels are a typical move that most van lifers make. This allows them to power essential items such as their phones, computers and WiFi hotspots. These come in handy at all times, but in times of emergency even more so.

Using grey water and essential plumbing in a van is also important. In order for travelers to continue to wash dishes and maintain personal hygiene, they must utilize this. Unfortunately, “stay in place” has hurt the idea of getting fresh water from various stations across the US.

Van Lifers Should Find an Effective Place And Stay There

We understand that many took this lifestyle in order to travel and see the world. Well, nobody could have predicted a global pandemic. Unfortunately this means most travelers should find one spot where they have access to livable resources and stay there till this blows over.

For many, the van is their home. Thus they should do everything that they can in order to keep it that way.

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