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Which Car Transport Service is Right for Me?

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An example of open car transport
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It can be hard to decide which car transport service to purchase. Their differences may seem small, but for your car’s specific needs, those small differences can mean a lot. So, how do you decide? Beyond asking the professionals at Car Transport Austin, you can read some of our expert advice below!

I need my car now!

In that case, you should check out our expedited auto transport! Not everybody has the time to wait for a car to slowly meander across the country. Time is money, after all. So, if you simply can’t wait, this is the way to go. We’ll reduce your wait times by loading your car onto an existing load that is just waiting to make its trip. This increases our efficiency while reducing your wait significantly. Expedited transport is a great way to get your car ASAP.

I’m worried about my car getting damaged.

If you’re a little bit paranoid about rocks kicking up from the road and cracking your windshield, you should go for enclosed auto transport. Enclosed car transport is the best way to ensure your car’s safety during the shipping process. We keep your car locked up safely in a protective metal shell, which protects it from all manner of damage, from road hazards to weather to even thieves trying to get to your car while the car carrier is stopped. To be completely sure your car stays safe out on the road, choose enclosed transport.

I’m on a tight budget.

If you’re trying to save as much as possible, then open car transport is the best shipping service for you! With open car shipping, our drivers will be able to load your car onto their carrier with many other vehicles, strap them all down, and ship anywhere in the US with ease. Though this method is slightly less secure than enclosed transport, you shouldn’t worry about your car’s safety. After all, our drivers are experts at keeping cars safe from any damage that may otherwise happen to them. For the best bang for your buck, open car transport is the way to go.

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