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Woman in Hospice Care Assaulted by Priest?!

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AUSTIN, TX – A woman in hospice care was,according to documents recently filed in court, sexually assaulted by a seventy-five-year-old Catholic Austin priest. Now, the priest, Rev. Gerold Langsch, must face an assault by contact charge.

They believe the incident took place back in October of 2018 at the home of the woman, but he was just recently arrested. She was in hospice care at the time of the event, as she was suffering from different medical conditions. The affidavit states that she struggled from complications due to diabetes.

In the report, officials explained that the woman’s ex-husband reached out to the Knights of Columbus. The group offered to send a priest to the home, to give the woman her last rites. This is a religious ceremony including final prayers before someone passes away.

The woman reported to police that Langsch went to her home in the beginning of October. After anointing her with holy water, she claims that he touched her in an inappropriate way. And, according to the affidavit, he asked her if it “felt good.” According to the police report, the woman was very much in shock and uncomfortable.

As a result, the police investigated the suspect. The woman only knew the man as “Father Gerold” from the St. Paul’s Catholic Church. Finally, they identified him as Langsch and the victim identified him in a line-up of photos last week.

Therefore, police charged and arrested Langsch. In addition, they set his bond to $15,000, and he was bonded out of Travis County Jail, according to records. However, a condition of the bond was that he was not to make contact with the victim.

It is unclear now what will happen in regard to the charges against this Austin priest.

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